One of Nashville's most in-demand engineers, multi-Grammy Award winning, Robert Battaglia has built a discography that ranges from Bluegrass to Film Scores.

A partial listing of recording and mixing credits includes:

Little Feat Dar Williams Take 6
Steve Bailey Stanley Clarke Jean luc Ponty
Connie Francis Hector Qirko Rick Densmore
Frannie Gold Paul Fox Steve Kipner
Paul Gordon Michael Ruff Harvey Mason (Fourplay)
B.Larence Keys Brandon Fields Toots Thielemans
Alvin Taylor Freddy Hubbard Fowler Brothers
Seinfeld (Episode #912) Coco Montoya Kim Tribble
Will Rambeaux Chris Lindsey Ammie Mayo
Reese Wilson Marv Green Cyril Rawson
Byron Hill The Chieftains Nickel Creek
Bobby McFerrin Chris Lindsey Ammie Mayo
Berlin-recording Bruce Hornsby-recording Gene Page-recording
Motley Crue-recording George Harrison-assisting Ricky Nelson-recording
Cruzados-recording Lisa Hartman-recording Bonnie Raitt-recording
Albert Collins-recording Sam Bush-recording Graham Nash-recording
Lakeside-recording Sneaky Pete Klienow-recording Kenny Loggins-recording
Edgar Meyer-recording Becky Hobbs-recording Victor Wooten -recording, mixing
Connie Frances-recording Richard Greene-recording Marlene Shaw-recording, mixing
Mary Wells-recording Fred Tackit-recording Suburban Lawns-recording, mixing
Berry Gibb-recording Amos Garret-recording Q-16 -recording,mixing,producing
Thelma Houston-recording Norman Whitfield-recording Wall of Voodoo-recording, mixing
Bernie Taupin-recording Lynda Cooke-recording Greg Porie-recording, mixing
Bill Bruford Band-recording Cecil Womack-recording Gregg Lieze-recording, performance
Melissa Manchester-recording Red Calander-recording Roselyne Kind-recording, mixing
Ian Mathews-recording The Go-Go's-mixing Hard as Nails Cheap as Dirt-recording,mixing
Billy Osborne(LTD)-recording Patrick Henderson-recording Albert Lee-recording, performance
Julio Inglesis-recording Stan Ridgeway-recording Béla Fleck-recording, mixing
Garth Hudson(The Band)-recording Donnie and Jimmy Osmond-recording
Bobby Caldwell-recording,mixing
Josie Cotton-recording Bonnie Bramlet-recording
Rose Maddox-recording, mixing, producing
John Lind-recording Chuck Negro (Three Dog Night)-recording The Spinners-recording, mixing
Herb Pederson-recording Flo and Eddy-recording The Waters-recording,mixing
The Jordonaires-recording Gregg Walker(Santana)-recording Robbie Nevil-recording, mixing, performing
Jerry Douglas-recording Branford Marsalis-recording Gary Stewart-recording, performing
Oingo Biongo-recording
Gregg Philingaines-recording Danny Peck-recording,mixing,producing
Richard Bellis-recording
Mike Love(The Beach Boys)-recording
Mark Williams-recording,mixing,producing
Jimmy Ford-recording
The Dillards-recording
Bobby Womack-recording, mixing
James Ingram-recording
Stanley Clarke-recording
Sly Stone-recording, mixing
Freddy Fender-recording George Clinton-recording Ray Park(Vern and Ray)-recording, mixing
Stevie Wonder-recording John Hartford-recording Jeff Russo(Tonic)-recording,mixing,producing
Red Rhodes-recording Stevie Ray Vaughn-assisting Joeseph Williams(Toto)-recording,mixing,performing
Gloria Jones-recording Roberta Flack-mixing David Pahoa(Plimsols)-recording,mixing,producing

Movie Score Credits include:

"Thirty Something"-recording "Kill Me Again"-recording
"Dreamstreet"-recording "El Diablo"-recording
"Red Rock West"-recording "The Sky is Gray"-score recording and mixing
"Steal Big, Steal Little"-recording "Pros and Cons"-score recording and mixing
"Top Gun"-recording "Gabriel's Fire"-score recording and mixing
"Pretty in Pink"-recording "Life Goes On"-score recording and mixing
"The Last Starfighter"-recording "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"-score recording and mixing
"Officer and A Gentleman"-recording "Archie's Wives"-score recording and mixing
"Empire City"-recording "Hollywood Squares"-recording and mixing
"The Craft"-recording "The Woman Who Loved Elvis"-score recording and mixing
"29th Street"-recording "Part of the Family"-score recording and mixing
"Running Wild"-recording "For Richer, For Poorer"-score recording and mixing
"Time Voyager"-recording "Ray Bradberry Theater"-score recording and mixing
"Body and Soul"-score recording "Comrades of Summer"-score recording and mixing
"Gung Ho"-recording "The Match Game"-score recording and mixing




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